ABOUT THE PROGRAM “Independent Repair Provider”
– Translate to be Apple’s Independent Repair Supplier. This is a program designed for companies in different countries interested in out-of-warranty repairs for Iphone and Mac. Eligible companies may have access to Apple tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources to perform out-of-warranty repair work for Iphone and Mac.
With years of pressure from consumers, who have asked Apple to provide a more direct channel of access to repair manuals and genuine parts. The launch of Apple’s independent repair program has been well-received after a long wait, with consumer groups signaling appreciation that Apple has listened to their feedback.
– A few months earlier in March 2021, Apple also announced that it would be expanding its Independent Repair Provider Program (IRP) beyond the US. The program, which initially launched in 2019 and expands to Canada and Europe in 2020, will now be available worldwide in more than 200 countries. This means that nearly every country where Apple products are sold will also have access to Apple’s Independent Repair Supplier Program now.

– In the strategic partnership with Apple, Vuong Quoc So is one of the partners under the Apple Authorized Independent Repair Supplier Program in Vietnam. This partnership gives Vuong Quoc So access to genuine Apple parts, tools, repair guides, and diagnostics to provide trusted Apple-approved repairs to iPhones. and Mac computers.
– Apple’s idea of having access to quality repair services no matter where you live in the world has been widely and actively welcomed by both consumers and authorized repair program providers. pole. Customers who don’t have access to a nearby Apple store, or who have a hobby of patronizing a local store, now have access to genuine Apple-sourced parts and repair services. directly from an Apple-trained and certified supplier.
– Vuong Quoc So, along with all other global suppliers, must go through the application process and be eligible to be part of the Independent Repair Provider. While the program is free to sign up and join once approved, repair service providers are required to adhere to specific Apple standards. The technicians who will carry out the repair must also be certified by Apple.
– Independent Apple Repair Program providers such as Vuong Quoc So have access to free training from Apple as well as parts, tools, repair guides, and diagnostics Genuine products are used at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). With the help of Apple training and tools, common customer issues such as iPhone battery replacements requiring original parts can be professionally addressed at an Independent Repair Provider. setup with faster replacement and repair times and no loss of existing phone data.
– As one of Apple’s selected suppliers, Vuong Quoc So is able to provide original iPhone and Mac repair services, in addition to existing third-party repair services. VuongQuocSo’s technicians can perform free diagnostics of Apple iPhones and Mac computers and perform repair services outside of Apple’s warranty. Customers can benefit from the same Apple repair services that Vuong Quoc So offers at any of our Independent Repair branches. The global expansion of Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program now provides customers with more access and faster product repair options.
– Currently, our Vuong Quoc So Company has branches in provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang, Can Tho, and Hanoi.

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Country/Region: VIETNAM
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