1. Quality.
Vuong Quoc So owns a team of professional – attentive – dedicated staff.
– Professional technicians with over “15 years of experience” are committed to quality repair and customer satisfaction
– Consulting services, attentive and enthusiastic reception always care and take care of customers in the best way and guide the input and repair as enthusiastically as possible.
2. Repair service of Vuong Quoc So:
– Repair mobile phones/smartphones (all models)
– Repair laptops of all kinds: Macbook, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sharp, MSI, Gigabyte, …
– Phone warranty and repair center for VSMART

General repair process:
– Consulting & Receipts
– Check & quote
– Replace
– Check the machine & return the machine
– Warranty & after-sales

Strict repair and inspection process
– When delivering the repair machine, you must sign all the components of the machine.
– The company will check and quote for you before repairing. In the event that you do not agree with the price, we will return the device and will not charge a test fee.
– For defective components, the company will replace 100% new.
– Make sure to always fully test the fixed problem and related problems to hand over the machine to customers.

Other support services
– Provide information on the status of the machine being repaired directly on the website for customers through the lookup system.
– When repairing the machine, free: check the disease; machine cleaning; install the operating system, the popular software; virus removal.
– Upgrade RAM, HDD, Chip for PC, Laptop: free installation.
– Receive and return computers, repair simple errors at the customer’s address.

Vuong Quoc So commits
– Diagnose the right disease, quote the right price
– Quick and accurate warranty
– Fastest possible repair time
– When it cannot be repaired, the device will be returned to the customer within 1 day after notification. The machine when returned will be agreed and witnessed by both parties. Note, in some cases of illness, the machine will be refunded according to the condition in which the technician intervened. For example, the machine does not display, the light flashes for a while and then turns off, after the technician can’t fix it, the returned machine may light continuously or not, but cannot follow the old condition.
– Absolutely committed to protecting personal data.
– Warranty mode after repair
– The company’s warranty stamp is still intact.
– No warranty in case of breakage.
– Only warranties for diseases that the Company has repaired.

– Customers please back up personal data before bringing the machine to the repair company to ensure the safety and security of customers.